Beauty For Ashes - POST ABORTION Support

Beauty for Ashes is an 8 week course in which we meet with other women who are seeking help in working through the emotions; pain, guilt, regret, self-hatred and anger toward God and others who may have been involved in their abortion decision.  God is waiting for us to bring Him the abortion wounds so we can move forward in our lives.  Abortion affects each life it touches.  There is help and hope available.

HOW DO I KNOW I need post abortion healing?

Millions of women have chosen abortion as a “solution” to an unplanned pregnancy.

Long after the abortion is over, the emotional, psychological and spiritual struggles linger.

It is natural to try to forget negative experiences.  Many have tried to deny or ignore these feelings for a long time… yet the feelings seem to intrude your thoughts at the most inopportune times.

You are not alone.

A time of relief and denial is normal.  Feelings of sadness, depression, guilt and unforgiveness of self and/or others are typical for most post-abortive women and men.  Symptoms may not appear for years after an abortion.  Researchers and health care professionals are now classifying these symptoms as Post Abortion Stress/Syndrome or PAS.

IT IS IMPORTANT to recognize these symptoms, acknowledge them and receive healing.


·         Anxiety

·         Anger or Irritability

·         Difficulty concentrating

·         Nightmares or sleeping disorders

·         Bouts of crying

·         Feelings of intense grief

·         Recurrent or intrusive thoughts about the abortion or the aborted child

·         Inability to maintain loving or trusting relationships

·         Drug/Alcohol abuse

·        Suicidal thoughts and other self-destructive tendencies


He will restore all the years the locust has eaten.          Joel 2:25

ARE YOU HURTING   because of a past abortion decision?

Abortion affects every life it touches and recovery can be a long and difficult process.  God however, is waiting for us to come to Him and bring the wounds of abortion, so that He can bring healing and restoration through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  

Through the study, Beauty for Ashes, we will be addressing these areas:

·         Breaking through denial

·        Working through guilt and experiencing Gods forgiveness

·        Releasing anger and  forgiveness toward yourself or anyone else who was involved in your abortion decision.

·         Grieving the loss of your aborted child or children.

For further help: Click on the LInk below: Her Choice To Heal by Sidna Masse. An online study.